Moring Film & Video - Greg Moring, Producer/Director

Hemp Is back. The Road to Riches?

90 minute Documentary 

Greg Moring- Director/Producer


A retired fire chief with Parkinson's, a grocery commodity broker, two freight truckers, a gas station owner, and one farmer join together in a co-op that has just started their first year growing Hemp in Central Oregon.  With the passing of the federal 2018 Farm Bill, Central Oregon has exploded with over a 600% increase in acreage being planted in Hemp for CBD.  

     When the retired fire chief bought 50 Hemp plants and grew them to process into CBD oil and help his Parkinson's symptoms, his results amazed himself and his friends prompting there banding together to grow over 100 acres of fields in the Sisters, Redmond, Terrebonne area.  With their plants testing within federal THC limits and growing over their heads they look forward to s more than successful return on their investment of money, sweat, and affection for their Lady’s.   

     Females only can produce marketable CBD and their trials and tribulations are the background as we uncover the complicated dynamics growing Hemp in what has been called Oregon’s Hemp Banana Belt.   

     Our film will examine the bumps in the road to wealth, including scarcity of seed and starts, refusal of banks to allow Hemp business banking, State, Federal, And County fees and regulations, mother nature, and the economic boom for fertilizer suppliers, testing labs, processors, farm equipment suppliers, and available labor pool.

     With a 50% failure rate for new farmers how the grow and harvest ends will tell the story of Oregon’s Hemp pioneers and their success and failures.

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